Raise the Venture Capital. Lose the Weight (Recruit Rockstars 406)

Obesity is America’s #1 underlying health issue. Because it causes or increases the likelihood of over 100 other health conditions. Now, Isabelle Kenyon is out to change the way the world treats weight. She’s Founder & CEO of Calibrate, the VC-backed medical metabolic health company. It’s creating a new category by improving metabolic health to […]

How a VC-Backed CEO Sleeps 9 Hours (Recruit Rockstars 405)

Food. Activity. Sleep. If you’re not doing all 3 properly, you’re far less likely to scale your business successfully. In fact, we’re getting less sleep than ever. And, with today’s understandable stressors, the quality of our sleep has suffered. But I tracked down a Venture-backed CEO who sleeps like a baby. Nine hours a night. […]

From real estate to real Venture Capital (Recruit Rockstars 404)

8 years ago, Casey Berman worked in real estate when he had an “A-Ha” moment. He began searching for tech companies to help automate the real estate workflow. There weren’t many. So Casey formed Camber Creek, a venture capital firm providing strategic value & capital to technology companies focused on the real estate market. Camber […]

How PE-Backed CEO Rolled Up 9 Companies (Recruit Rockstars 403)

Shawn Boom, CEO of Vanco, is crystal clear about the companies’s “Why” – Serve those who enrich communities Based near Minneapolis, Vanco delivers online payment processing solutions & software that enables churches, schools, and nonprofit to operate more efficiently. In short, they can accept electronic payments from students, parents, patrons, and churchgoers. More than 40,000 […]

This VC says “The team is the #1 factor” (Recruit Rockstars 402)

Based in Silicon Valley, Rashmi Gopinath is General Partner at B Capital Group, the global VC firm that specializes in equity investing in growth-stage companies that have achieved traction with customers. With a focus in horizontal enterprise software (cloud infrastructure, cybersecurity, devops, database SaaS for F500), she’s invested in and/or served on the Boards of: […]

How To Beat Silicon Valley In The War For Talent (Recruit Rockstars 401)

How can you beat Silicon Valley in the war for talent? (…or if you’re in Silicon Valley, how can you compete for talent with Apple, Tesla, Google, and Facebook?) A few years back, a group of Silicon Valley venture capitalists upped & moved to Columbus Ohio to invest in (under-invested) Midwest companies. They named the […]

Great Leaders Know When Its Time to Step Aside (Recruit Rockstars 400)

You only turn 400 once. So for this special 400th episode of Recruit Rockstars Podcast, I knew you were counting on me to land a very special guest. I think I bagged the elephant. David Cohen is Co-Founder (and now Chief Instigator) of the legendary Techstars venture accelerator. It’s birthed over 2,300 startups. (You know […]

How She Scaled the Leading Women’s Telehealth Platform (Recruit Rockstars 399)

Treating 300,000 patients per month, NURX has rapidly become the leading Telehealth platform with a female focus. CEO Varsha Rao has led NURX to deliver remote treatment of specific conditions: Contraception, treatment for Acne & Migraine, testing for HPV & STI. To do it, she’s scaled the team of doctors who evaluate each patient & […]

How Upfront VC Mark Suster Hires (Recruit Rockstars 398)

You may not know Mark Suster, Managing Partner at LA-based Upfront venture capital firm. But you know the companies in which he’s invested (…early!) They include Bevy, thredUP, Bird, ChowNow, GOAT, and MakeSpace. VC’s come & go. Mark came & stayed. And he has the track record to prove it. Prior to co-founding Upfront in […]

Harvard & Oxford Scientist Turns Capitalist (Recruit Rockstars 397)

I rarely meet a tech entrepreneur whose background is firmly grounded in science. Jacob Sattelmair is a public health scientist turned technologist. He’s CEO & Co-Founder of Wellframe, which works at the intersection of healthcare, technology, data analytics, and consumer engagement. Based in Boston, Wellframe has reimagined healthcare relationships through a new approach that uses […]