How He Built an Inc5000 MarTech Company (Recruit Rockstars 441)

Charleston, South Carolina might seem like an unlikely place to find one of the nation’s fastest-growing tech companies. But it’s home to Digital Ignite. Mike Samet leads this rollup of adtech, martech, and data businesses that was recently named to the Inc5000 list. The full-service digital marketing agency using radical data-informed strategies to grow businesses […]

How He Earned Inc5000 by Dominating His Niche (Recruit Rockstars 440)

They say that “the riches are in the niches.” Well, Jason Hennessey proved them right. He’s built a highly-successful SEO firm within the legal vertical (a niche of a niche?) He’s CEO & Founder of Hennessey Digital. His LA-based agency has been named multiple times to Inc5000’s list of the nation’s fastest-growing companies. Since 2001, […]

How He Built a 2-Time Inc500-ranked Company (Recruit Rockstars 439)

Based in Golden, Colorado, Scott Lewis is CEO of Spartan Investment Group. Spartan syndicates investor capital to develop & operate real estate assets. Under Scott’s leadership, the business has pivoted from residential real estate to commercial, much of which is self-storage. It’s the 2-time Inc500 ranked company, making it one of the nation’s fastest-growing. Following […]

Top-Rated Software VC Reveals The People Part of Startups (Recruit Rockstars 438)

Few VC investors have seen more than David Hornik. He’s Founding Partner at Lobby Capital, which he co-founded after 20 years as General Partner of the legendary VC firm August Capital. Based on The Lobby Conference, David admits that Lobby Capital is about one simple understanding: “it’s all about the people.” He’s invested in 40 […]

How He Became ‘The Student of Startups’ (Recruit Rockstars 437)

Before Disrupt & TechCrunch, there was Technori, the original startup showcase. Its Co-Founder is Scott Kitun. Based in Chicago, Technori helps promising upstart companies secure visibility & funding. If that wasn’t enough, Scott is creator & host of a nationally-syndicated crowdfunding radio show, in partnership with Republic. He’s also Co-Founder of Songfinch, the platform to […]

Burnt-out Attorney ➡️ Private Equity CEO (Recruit Rockstars 436)

Digital publishers in every field are trying to figure out how to best monetize their website. Kurt Donnell, CEO of Freestar, shows them the way. Combining industry-leading tech, data, and scale, Freestar works with the leading online publishers to help them better personalize & increase their ad revenue. And they’re onto something big… Freestar’s been […]

How to Build One of the Nation’s Fastest-Growing Companies (Recruit Rockstars 435)

He’s not just some tech CEO. Jason Schubert is CEO of, ranked as one of the fastest-growing companies in the US according to the Inc5000. is a people-based insights & survey monetization platform that connects and rewards people to surveys designed for them. It facilitates research for market research firms and brands by […]

How This LA Dodger Became an Inc5000 CEO (Recruit Rockstars 434)

Brian Nickerson’s story captivated me. He began his career playing on the Los Angeles Dodgers. 6 knee surgeries and 1 Harvard Business School degree later, he found himself as an unlikely entrepreneur. And started MagicLinks. Based in LA, MagicLinks is the social commerce provider for social media influencers. They connect moments of inspiration to action. […]

3 Must-Do’s to Put a Rockstar in Every Seat (Recruit Rockstars 433)

This episode rocks, because it combines 3 of the hottest themes in the venture world: Fintech + Outdoor power sports + Talent Adam Redlich is VP Talent Acquisition of Octane, the specialty fintech company that makes your ‘passion purchases’ seamless. They’ve started with the $21B powersports equipment industry (motorcycles & ATV’s for example) Instead of […]

How he built an Inc5000 company (Recruit Rockstars 432)

Josh Watts is Co-Founder of one of the nation’s fastest growing companies. Recently ranked as an Inc5000 company, MedTrust Medical Transport is a private EMS company providing emergent & non-emergent medical transport services Based in gorgeous Charleston, Josh has scaled a 400-person team. In this 20-minute conversations, he reveals how he’s done it.