Recruit Rockstars 344: Why Hiring Sales Reps Can Make You Weep

If ever there was a role that’s a nightmare to hire, it’s the Rockstar salesperson.
Most companies try. But fail.
And for good reason.
Salespeople are good talkers. So the typical interview can be highly-misleading. Not to mention, most sales managers haven’t agreed-upon what makes a great sales rep.
Plus, there are 14 million full-time US salespeople, and most have never been formally trained.
So when Bruce – tall, dark, handsome – walks into the room, it’s no wonder the sales manager hires him. He’s straight out of central casting.
Brian Bar knows better. And he created Victory Lap to help you avoid this whole mess.
Based in Chicago, Victory Lap is the 4-year-old Sales Bootcamp. They find, train, and match great sales reps with deserving companies.
He’s well-suited to do it, having been a top sales leader and Head of Sales Onboarding at Groupon for 4 years. He systemized how to select, interview, assess, and onboard the best.
Now, Victory Lap helps other 150 growth companies do the same. And over 600 sales reps have graduated from its Bootcamp.
In this 20-minute conversation, Brian shares how to avoid the biggest mistakes when building your sales organization. And when you do finally find a great sales rep, how you can close the deal every time.

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“Jeff has recruited Rockstars and built winning cultures for 25 years. Finally, he shows us how!” —Brad Feld, Managing Director, Foundry Group Venture Capital