How She Makes Board Meetings Un-Boring (Recruit Rockstars 419)

If you’ve never served on a Board of Directors, you may envision it as a country club day filled with palm fronds & chardonnay.
The reality is that most Board meetings are …well… boring. And ineffective.
Indianapolis-based Boardable, the SaaS platform, is out to change that. And to make Boards far more effective in this pivotal role. It manages the agenda, notes, voting, every aspect of communications.
It was specifically designed for mission-driven community organizations & non-profits. They’re countless across the US.
Gabby VanAlstine leads Talent & Culture at Boardable. Prior, she led talent at Emplify.
Clearly, Boardable is onto something big.
It’s raised over $10M from High Alpha, Base10 Partners, Collina Ventures, VisionTech Partners.
In this 20-minute conversation, Gabby reveals the recruitment process that she uses to put a Rockstar in every seat.

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