Strong Suit #100: VC Brad Feld Reveals his Secrets of Love, Relationships, Entrepreneurship

He’s back!
Brad Feld was my first guest, and he returns today for an intimate Valentine’s Day episode #100. Brad is Managing Director of Foundry Group, a leading venture capital firm with a storied track record.
Outside of work, Brad enjoys a fruitful long-term marriage with a remarkable woman, Amy Batchelor. They even co-wrote the book “Startup Life: Surviving and Thriving in a Relationship with an Entrepreneur”
In this special 35-minute interview, Brad reveals:

    • How to stay in love
    • Small ways to show your partner that they come ahead of your work
    • Making sure that work travel doesn’t kill the magic
    • How to build a cadence into your relationship
    • Keeping a healthy, vibrant relationship despite the stresses of entrepreneurship