Recruit Rockstars 348: How He Scaled from $0 to $100M SaaS Without VC or PE Funding

You may not know the name Russell Brunson.
But you know his brainchild, the company ClickFunnels.
Anyone who says you can’t build a $100M SaaS business in Boise Idaho -without funding from VC or PE firms- is wrong.
Now, don’t get me wrong. His phone rings daily from prospective investors. But Russell chose the bootstrapped & self-funded path.
He was right.
After graduating college as a wrestling champion, Russell invented a potato gun. But unable to sell it, he conceived an online sales funnel that would do the work for him.
ClickFunnels was born.
Now, it’s the leading way to build & run a sales funnel online. I’m a delighted customer.
I was even more delighted to finally have the chance to meet Russell. In this 20-minute conversation, he reveals how he’s scaled the team from 1 to 400 people.
And built one of the world’s fastest-growing SaaS companies.