How he invented the ‘Functional Healthwear’ category (Recruit Rockstars 452)

Healthcare fashion used to be horrid.

But Chat Razdan is rapidly changing that.

He’s Founder & CEO of Care+Wear. Based in New York, they combine fashion & function to take people from home to hospital and everywhere in between.

Their products include scrubs, port access shirts, post surgical bras & a ton more.  The goal is a more human healthcare experience for patients & clinicians everywhere.

Between the aging population and a global pandemic, it’s no wonder business is booming. Investors include MedStartr Ventures and Grape Arbor Venture Capital.

Chat began his career at Goldman Sachs and Kearney.

In this 20 minute conversation, Chat and I “chat” about how he’s put a Rockstar in every seat of his company.

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