He’s Driven to be Mission-Driven (Recruit Rockstars 466)

You don’t meet many people like Tony Huang. After graduating from Harvard, he pursued education as a fourth grade teacher outside of Boston. He then transitioned to a business career at Axon where he helped commercialize & create the body camera industry that is integral to public safety. Now he is on a new mission: […]

How This Founder/CEO Hired His First 30 (Recruit Rockstars 465)

Akshay Krishnaiah is CEO & Founder of Line, the fast-growing fintech company. After a successful career at Paypal & eBay, he stepped out on his own. And he personally interviewed hundreds of people to find his first few employees. Based in SF, Line is the Venture-backed company helping working-class Americans who are underbanked. Their first […]

How to Hire for DNA Fit (Recruit Rockstars 464)

How does a startup with a dozen people change a monolithic industry? It’s simple (but not easy)… Hire for DNA Fit And Brian King does it consistently. He’s CEO of Realto, the Kansas-based Private REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) marketplace. Brian & his team saw a gap in the market: there¬†were limited options to buy […]

How They Assess Candidates for Culture Fit (Recruit Rockstars 463)

The only thing better than talking culture & leadership with a progressive talent leader? Talking with two of them. Aparavi helps organizations that desperately need a solution to the mountains of data they need to manage. It’s the cloud based platform for finding & consolidating your company’s unstructured & distributed data. Speaking of distributed, Aparavi […]

Transitioning from VC to PE Backed (Recruit Rockstars 462)

There’s a SaaS platform for everything… And everyone. Including SimpleLegal, the fast-growing SaaS platform for in-house counsels. It’s part of Onit, the leading provider of enterprise legal management & contract lifecycle management software, which is backed by the PE firm K1 Investment Management. Mark Weidick is President & General Manager of SimpleLegal, and he has a unique […]

Lure Them to the Office with Free Food (Recruit Rockstars 461)

Jeff Grass knows how to get your hesitant employees back to the office. This serial entrepreneur is Co-Founder & CEO of Hungry Marketplace. Based in Arlington VA, Hungry is tackling the $100 Billion business food & events industry with a food-tech marketplace & logistics platform that provides unparalleled food & engagement solutions for businesses, powered […]

And You Thought Your Team Was Complex? (Recruit Rockstars 460)

Whether your team is hybrid or distributed or global, you’ve got nothing on Chad Mattix. He’s CEO & Founder of Kinettix, the leading IT field service support company. Based in Cincinnati, Chad & his team deliver 24/7/365 IT field service support on-site in over 100 countries. He’s built a fulltime team of 80 with a […]

How CNBC’s Careers Expert Nabbed the Job She Wanted (Recruit Rockstars 459)

(Hint: She didn’t click “Apply” on some job board) Morgan Smith is Work Reporter with CNBC and its industry-leading careers website “Make It” Previously, you’ve read her pieces in People Magazine, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, and The Associated Press. Morgan discovered her passion for some meaty topics: the future of work, interviewing, hiring, job search. […]

How She Brings Lofters Aloft (Recruit Rockstars 458)

Growth-stage companies don’t get much hotter than Salesloft, the leading platform for sales reps to execute their day to day selling tasks. Put simply, they enable sales teams to drive more revenue. Customers include Stripe, ServiceNow, and Shopify. And the company’s leadership team is committed to culture like few others. Katie Branham is VP People […]

They Put the Tech in Foodtech (Recruit Rockstars 457)

Few early-stage companies combine as many distinct components as Tovala. Based in Chicago, the company pairs a smart oven with a meal subscription service. It truly makes foolproof food. Weekly meals are delivered fresh to the your door. Scan the barcode & you’re done. Home-cooked meals that cook themselves. And clearly Tovala is onto something […]