2 to 80 employees in just 2 years (Recruit Rockstars 455)

In business, few missions are more vital than protecting & improving the health of Americans.

Sadly, 89M of us are pre-diabetic.

Dan Zavorotny & his team are out to change that.

He’s Chief Operating Officer & Co Founder of NutriSense, the fast-scaling VC-backed company that helps people prevent diabetes & heart disease.

NutriSense’s innovative model pairs glucose monitors, predictive software, and a team of live dietitians. They combine to form a cohesive program to improve health.

Clearly, Dan’s onto something big.

The business has scaled from 2 employees to 80 in just 2 years. And revenues, while confidential, are mighty substantial.

Investors have noticed, too. Backers include Milkbox Partners, LAUNCH (Jason Calacanis), Sutton Capital, Standing Oaks Venture Partners, and Techstars.

In this 20-minute conversation, Dan shares how he’s putting a Rockstar in every seat. And mistakes to avoid along the way.