Strong Suit 204: Drink From The Holy Grail of Recruiting

If I had one quarter, and I had to place it on the betting table when it comes to recruiting…
I’d place it on Referrals every single time.
Referrals are cheaper, faster, better. They stay longer. They match your company’s DNA better.
So how to find more referrals?
I asked Nick Cromydas, CEO of Chicago-based Hunt Club, a new type of recruiting firm. They leverage referrals to fill roles faster & better.
Cold calling, spamming on Linkedin, impersonal mass mails, treating candidates like a transaction … These no longer work in today’s war for talent.
If you’re tired of posting & praying on job boards, take a sip from the elixir of Referrals. In this 20-minute episode, Nick reveals the best practices and the mistakes to avoid.