Recruit Rockstars 326: The CEO Who Does Just One Thing

Dennis Mortensen is Founder & CEO of, the company that does just one thing.
They help you schedule meetings (without the phone tag & without the email back-and-forth).
You may not even realize it, but you’ve likely used his company’s product. I sure have.
So, I was lucky enough to grab him for a 20-minute conversation. is the super-sophisticated, automated way to schedule meetings. And it’s one of the first truly AI-focused companies built around a practical application.
Along the way, he’s raised over $40 million in venture capital from top VC’s:  Pegasus Tech Ventures, Pritzker Group, DCM Ventures, Lerer Hippeau, SoftBank Capital, Tuesday Capital, FirstMark Capital, Two Sigma Ventures.
Dennis has forgotten more about AI than most people will ever know. And he’s scaled a 25-person, virtual team of people who are fanatical about scheduling meetings.
I wanted to find out how he’s built the team. Here’s the candid no-BS interview.

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