Strong Suit 205: This 5-Time Founder Interviews & Onboards in Hypergrowth Mode

You should be so lucky to have David Cancel’s problems.
He’s founded 5 companies. His current one, Boston-based Drift, continues to double year after year. Drift gives you a unified view of your customers across e-mail, web, social media, mobile channels, plus the ability to trigger marketing campaigns based on real-time  behavior. Pretty slick.
That’s Hypergrowth mode. 
And it creates unique challenges when it comes to recruiting: Hiring a team of consistent Rockstars, while drinking from a firehose.
Yet he’s done it time after time. Heck, his previous startup Performable was acquired by HubSpot.
So, I had to ask David how he does it. He’s known for building great teams.
He attributes much of his success to an unorthodox way of Interviewing candidates, and Onboarding them once they accept (And they usually accept!)
In this 20-minute conversation, David shares his secrets. And the rookie mistakes to avoid.

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“Jeff has recruited Rockstars and built winning cultures for 25 years. Finally, he shows us how!” —Brad Feld, Managing Director, Foundry Group Venture Capital