Recruit Rockstars 313: How To Compete With Google & Facebook & Apple For The Best Talent

You may not realize it.
But you’re competing for the best talent with the best companies in the world.
Yet, it IS possible.
Because you can offer things that Google & Facebook & Apple can’t.
Lisa Mikkelsen is Head of Global Human Capital at Flourish Ventures.
As a spinout from Omidyar Network, Flourish makes VC investments in early-stage financial services companies.
In fact, they’ve funded 50 companies that are focused on financial inclusion & financial health globally. Whether insuretech or challenger banks, these startups want to democratize financial services.
In this 20-min conversation, Lisa reveals how even tiny, lean, no-name companies land the best talent.
Even in the face of the giants.
And how you can do the same.

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