From real estate to real Venture Capital (Recruit Rockstars 404)

8 years ago, Casey Berman worked in real estate when he had an “A-Ha” moment.
He began searching for tech companies to help automate the real estate workflow. There weren’t many.
So Casey formed Camber Creek, a venture capital firm providing strategic value & capital to technology companies focused on the real estate market.
Camber Creek eats its own cooking. The firm uses PropTech and Real Estate Tech products before making the investment decision.
Fast forward to today. ..
The firm has $250 million under management and has nearly 30 portfolio companies. They include: Turbo Appeal, TaskEasy, whyhotel, Notarize, and Curbio.
In this 20-minute conversation, Casey reveals how he helps his portfolio companies scale by putting a Rockstar in every seat.

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