How does Shortlist work?

It starts with you. Tell us about your perfect candidate. Our online intake form takes just 7 minutes to complete. Then we go to work:

Within 24 hours, we email you 3 benchmark profiles- just to make sure we’re on-track.

Once you approve the benchmark profiles, we scour 37 online locations to find the best 100 candidates. We call them “lookalikes” because each one meets your criteria.

We track down their contact information.

We craft an outreach message to describe your company & the role you need to fill.

We outreach to them to see if they’re open to a discussion. This is so much better than job boards, because we proactively pursue the elusive 80% of passive job seekers, instead of the 20% of low-hanging active job seekers.

Interested candidates reply back.

We introduce them to you within 10 days.

You take over.

The end result? We introduce you to 10 highly qualified and interested candidates in just 10 days. Each meets your criteria. Each is open to speaking with you. 

Get your first Shortlist half off. No credit card required.

Did you know that 87% of employees are unhappy enough with their work situation to engage with another company?

But they’re not so unhappy that they’re actively looking on job boards. They’re passive job seekers. The crown jewel of talent recruitment. No one delivers them to you faster & cheaper than Shortlist. Your first Shortlist is half off. Learn more about Shortlist pricing.

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