How He Became ‘The Student of Startups’ (Recruit Rockstars 437)

Before Disrupt & TechCrunch, there was Technori, the original startup showcase.
Its Co-Founder is Scott Kitun.
Based in Chicago, Technori helps promising upstart companies secure visibility & funding.
If that wasn’t enough, Scott is creator & host of a nationally-syndicated crowdfunding radio show, in partnership with Republic.
He’s also Co-Founder of Songfinch, the platform to buy custom songs from professional artists.
I was thrilled to finally interview Scott, because he knows where the bodies are buried. By studying (quite literally) thousands of startups, Scott knows first-hand the mistakes that most entrepreneurs make when scaling their company.
And he puts it plainly: “The people part of startups is the only thing that matters.” I couldn’t agree more.
In this 20-minute conversation, Scott reveals how to master it. And avoid the mistakes that tank so many entrepreneurs.

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