How This Founder/CEO Hired His First 30 (Recruit Rockstars 465)

Akshay Krishnaiah is CEO & Founder of Line, the fast-growing fintech company.

After a successful career at Paypal & eBay, he stepped out on his own. And he personally interviewed hundreds of people to find his first few employees.

Based in SF, Line is the Venture-backed company helping working-class Americans who are underbanked.

Their first offering is a “Get cash now, pay later” service.

Akshay & team have built a highly-scalable model. With a team of just 30, Line provides Underwriting, Dispute management, Risk operations, and 24-hour in-house customer support.

Clearly, they’re onto something big. Investors include: Techstars, Avesta Fund, CUNA Mutual Group, Goodwater Capital,, SustainVC.

In this 20-minute conversation, he shares how he’s put a Rockstar in every seat.