Recruit Rockstars 349: Growing the VC-Backed Team That’s Growing Crops Faster

In case you missed it, breakthrough discoveries about plant & environmental interactions have led to cutting-edge tools that tackle some of today’s biggest agriculture challenges.
Which means opportunity to scale a business.
Adam Litle is CEO of Sound Agriculture, the plant development company that helps producers grow more efficiently & enhance food taste, nutrition, and sustainability.
Prior, Adam was part of the founding management team at Granular, the leading farm management software platform startup that was acquired by Dupont for $300M.
Sound Agriculture uses the power of science to design reliable & effective tools that enable sustainability across the agriculture value chain.
Its first product Source helps plants access existing nitrogen and phosphorus in the soil to provide in-season nutrition. Source provides a more economical, sustainable and environmentally sound solution for crop productivity.
The company is backed by S2G Ventures, Cultivian Sandbox, Fall Line Capital, Cavallo Ventures, and Syngenta Ventures.
In this 20-minute conversation, Adam reveals how he’s growing the team that’s growing crops faster.