Top-Rated Software VC Reveals The People Part of Startups (Recruit Rockstars 438)

Few VC investors have seen more than David Hornik.
He’s Founding Partner at Lobby Capital, which he co-founded after 20 years as General Partner of the legendary VC firm August Capital.
Based on The Lobby Conference, David admits that Lobby Capital is about one simple understanding: “it’s all about the people.”
He’s invested in 40 companies, 5 of which grew into multi-billion-dollar businesses. His success stories include Splunk,, Fastly, GitLab, MaintainX, Vowel, PayNearMe.
Along with his colleagues at August Capital, David started the first venture capital blog, VentureBlog, and the first venture capital podcast, VentureCast.
He’s received Deloitte’s Venture Capitalist of the Year award and has been honored by Forbes Magazine as a member of its Midas List of top Venture Capitalists.
When not investing, David teaches entrepreneurship & VC at Stanford Business School and Harvard Law School.
In this 20-minute conversation, David reveals what 20+ years as a VC have taught him about the people part of growth-stage companies.

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