Recruit Rockstars 328: How SpaceX & Lyft Took Off With The Right Talent

You may not be familiar with the venture capital firm M13.
But you sure know their success stories… M13’s portfolio includes Pinterest, SpaceX, Lyft, and FanDuel.
In fact, M13 has invested in 80 startups and already had 16 exits.
Currently investing from its second fund of $175 million, M13’s secret isn’t just the $4M to $7M checks it writes.
It’s in the expertise it lends to portfolio companies… And that includes Talent.
Matt Hoffman is Partner & Head of Talent at M13. He works across the fund’s portfolio companies to ensure that they find, land, and keep the best-possible talent.
And he knows how.
Because prior, he served as VP People of DigitalOcean and Sr Director People of Return Path. Two super success stories.
I just had a chance to spend 20 minutes with him. We covered a ton of things, and he really opened the kimono on hiring in Venture Capital companies.

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