Recruit Rockstars 362: How a VC-Backed CEO ‘Moved’ a $40B Industry

Industries don’t come much larger than self-storage. It’s $40 billion a year.
And disruptors don’t come much more determined than Rahul Gandhi, CEO & Co-Founder of MakeSpace.
Based in New York, it’s a convenient, simple, on-demand storage solution that takes the “self” out of “self storage.”
To create a new kind of storage company, Rahul raised $100 million in venture capital from Founders Fund, Upfront Ventures, Lowercase Capital, 8VC, Primary Venture Partners, Winklevoss Capital, Iron Mountain, and… yes… Carmelo Anthony of Portland Trail Blazers.
MakeSpace took the struggle out of storage—and reinvented an antiquated industry in the process. They designed a hassle-free experience that allows people to store & retrieve their belongings on-demand, so they can skip the whole schlep-to-a-storage-unit thing.
In just a few years, Rahul has expanded to 31 major markets in North America.
To support this seamless experience, he built the industry’s first fully integrated system, from back-end routing to warehouse logistics, and a consumer app complete with a digital photo inventory of stored items.
Prior, Rahul was Principal with Primary Venture Partners.
And in this 20-minute conversation, he reveals how he’s scaled the team that takes your stuff (…and brings it back!)

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