Recruit Rockstars 352: How to Turn Around a Sinking Ship

Want to empower your team to make better decisions & take greater ownership?
Tired of micromanaging & babysitting them?
Former US Navy Captain David Marquet is the author of 2 outstanding books: Leadership is Language and Turn The Ship Around!
A U.S. Naval Academy graduate, David served in the U.S. submarine force for 28 years.
After being assigned to command the nuclear-powered sub USS Santa Fe, (then ranked last in retention & operational standing) he realized the traditional leadership approach of “take control, give orders,” wouldn’t work.
So David “turned the ship around” by treating the crew as leaders, not followers, and giving control, not taking control. This approach took the Santa Fe from “worst to first” achieving the highest retention & operational standing in the Navy.
In just months!
In this 20-minute conversation, David shares how he did it. And, even if your business is not a turnaround, how you can get the most out of your team.

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