Meet the Guru of SaaS & Leadership (Recruit Rockstars 429)

If you lead a SaaS company, you likely know Dan Martell, as the Founder & CEO of SaaS Academy.
But even if you’re in a different industry, Dan has a ton to teach about how to scale your business. Fast.
Because he’s built & exited 5 companies.
Most noteworthy, Dan was Founder & CEO of which connects business leaders with experts in any field (I’m a customer). It was successfully acquired by
Now, Dan is Founder & CEO of SaaS Academy.
He coaches & teaches over 1,000 Founders to become high-performance leaders (…although much of what he teaches is relevant to any business.)
Dan began his career as a software developer. But his passion (and gift) is leadership, strategy, culture, and communications.
Plus as a native of British Columbia, Canada, he’s just nice as heck.
In this 20-minute conversation, Dan reveals how he’s scaled his companies and how he teaches other leaders to do the same.