Strong Suit 223: The Real Reasons That Employees Quit (& It’s Not Money)

If you’re not worried about your top-performing employees leaving you, I’ve got bad news: 42 million employees will leave their jobs in 2018.
While we’re at a record-low unemployment rate, we’re also at a record-high employee disengagement rate. Many are miserable.
And it’s not Money. That’s only #5 on the list.
So I wanted to find out specifically why they leave, and what we leaders can do about it.
Fortunately, I found Danny Nelms. 
He’s President of Work Institute, which just released its “2018 Retention Report” – the only one of its kind, a study of national workplace turnover & retention.
Using a scientifically valid methodology & data from over 234,000 exit interviews, this report uncovers the root causes of turnover to reveal the real reasons employees leave their jobs for better opportunities.
Remember: recruiting actually starts with retention. 
In this 20-minute conversation, Danny shares the real reasons that your best people will leave. The answers will surprise you.