How a Real VC Really Hires (Recruit Rockstars 418)

Venture Capital is booming. Everywhere.
…Yes, even in Iowa.
With $80M assets under management, Des Moines-based Next Level Ventures originally invested in early-stage Midwestern agriculture & B2B data companies.
Building on their success, they recently broadened their focus to Fintech companies nationally.
Which means a ton of hiring.
I wanted to find out how they do it So I spoke with Scott Hoekman, Partner at Next Level.
Scott has helped birth 26 companies so far. With a typical check size between $500K & $5M, he’s been early in success stories like Eltropy, Nymbus, and MotoRefi.
Scott takes hiring seriously.
In this 20-minute conversation, he reveals how he assesses Founders & helps them put a Rockstar in every seat of the portfolio company.