How She Scaled the Leading Women’s Telehealth Platform (Recruit Rockstars 399)

Treating 300,000 patients per month, NURX has rapidly become the leading Telehealth platform with a female focus.
CEO Varsha Rao has led NURX to deliver remote treatment of specific conditions: Contraception, treatment for Acne & Migraine, testing for HPV & STI.
To do it, she’s scaled the team of doctors who evaluate each patient & pharmacists who prescribe appropriate medication.
Investors seem to like it too. NURX has partnered with Wittington Ventures, Comcast Ventures, Union Square Ventures, Fifty Years, Trustbridge Partners, Kleiner Perkins, Alumni Ventures Group, Lowercase Capital, Y Combinator
Varsha says she spends 50% of her time on the people part of NURX.
Prior to Nurx, Varsha served as COO of Clover Health where she brought operational leadership to the health insurance startup.
Plus she served as Airbnb’s Head of Global Operations, managing the company’s market expansion & host growth globally. She was also Co-Founder & Co-CEO of, the online cosmetics company.
In this 20-minute conversation, Varsha reveals how she designed the organization & puts a Rockstar in each seat.

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