How He Reached Near-Perfect Employee Retention (Recruit Rockstars 448)

How’d you like to build a company with a 90% offer acceptance rate? With near-perfect employee retention? And with 50% of employees comprised of under-represented minorities?

Sean Byrnes has done it (and the company doesn’t interview candidates… at all)

Based in San Francisco, he’s Founder & CEO of Outlier, the VC-funded business intelligence company.

His customers are large consumer-facing companies with an
immense amount of data.

Outlier watches all of your business data & lets you know when unexpected things are happening, anywhere in the myriad metrics and dimensions of your data.

Outlier plugs into your business data where it lives (e.g. Google Analytics, Adobe Cloud, Salesforce, Stripe, SQL databases) and understands your business cycles, trends and patterns.

Clearly, he’s onto something. Outlier’s investors include: SV Angel, Capital One Growth Ventures, Emergence, First Round Capital, Susa Ventures, Ridge Ventures, In-Q-Tel, and Homebrew

Prior, he served as Founder/CEO of Flurry, the mobile analytics company, which was acquired by Yahoo.

In this 20-minute conversation, Sean reveals how he puts a Rockstar in every seat (and how he keeps them)

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