Recruit Rockstars 355: Yes, You’re a Genius (…But What Type?)

Long before he became legendary business speaker & bestselling author, Pat Lencioni was my executive coach.
It was late 90’s in Silicon Valley. I was building my first startup, leading people for the first time, and wrestling with my own demons.
He kicked my butt when I needed it most. Pat was brilliant.
(And he still is.)
As founder of The Table Group, he’s known as the pioneer of the organizational health movement. He is the author of 11 books, which have sold over 6 million copies in 30 languages.
They include The Five Dysfunctions of A Team, Death by Meeting, and my personal favorite The Five Temptations of a CEO (I re-read it every year.)
Pat’s passion is leadership, teamwork, organizational health and he advises the nation’s top CEO’s & leadership teams.
This week, Pat & his team launched a new tool to help you determine your specific type of Genius.
Everyone is a genius in their own way. Pat boiled it down to the 6 specific types.
In this 20-minute conversation, Pat reveals them & why it’s so vital to know yours and those on your team:
Here’s Pat & me.
And if you’d like to take the profile, here’s the link to

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