3-Exit CEO Predicts if Cultures Will Mesh (Recruit Rockstars 414)

M&A is on fire.
Which means not just combining companies, but merging cultures.
And there’s where so many deals fall apart or fail to live up to expectations. (Some research shows that 75% of M&A deals bomb.)
And it’s often because the team was too busy making sure the technology was compatible or figuring out how to streamline the sales organization or merge brands.
Nobody bothered to figure out if the 2 teams were aligned in the first place.
Such a shame.
So, I found an expert to guide us on doing it properly.
Sloan Gaon is CEO of PulsePoint, the leading global authority in programmatic health advertising, recently acquired by WebMD parent company Internet Brands. Prior, he was CEO of DotMenu, acquired by GrubHub. And he led M&A at Miva, acquired by Adknowledge.
He’s forgotten more about M&A than most will ever know.
So, he knows how to assess teams for compatibility. In this 20-minute conversation, he reveals how to do it (and potentially avoid a huge M&A mistake)

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