How to Hire for DNA Fit (Recruit Rockstars 464)

How does a startup with a dozen people change a monolithic industry?

It’s simple (but not easy)… Hire for DNA Fit

And Brian King does it consistently.

He’s CEO of Realto, the Kansas-based Private REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) marketplace. Brian & his team saw a gap in the market: there were limited options to buy and sell privately-held real estate.

So they created one.

Now, what used to be a manual paper-laden process is streamlined to days instead of months.

And he’s onto something big….

Investors include KCRise & Firebrand Ventures.

In this 20-minute conversation, Brian reveals how he & his team hire primarily for DNA Fit (even before skills & competencies). And why it’s helped them change an industry.

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