Recruit Rockstars 290: How a VC-Backed CEO Cooked Up a Winning Culture

Did you know that most kitchens are unprofitable?
Nick Anastasiades is out to change that.
He’s Co-Founder & CEO of 2ndKitchen. Based in Chicago, the company links any business to restaurants in their area so they can use their kitchen to serve food.
As an on-demand service, 2ndKitchen pools the demand in a local neighborhood.
And it’s catching on. Big time. Since completing the Techstars program, the business has been doubling every 3 months.
Not to mention, attracting big-time VC’s including Hyde Park Venture Partners, MATH Venture Partners, Great North Labs, Bragiel Brothers, and M25.
Now, bars, taprooms, hotels, and any business without a kitchen can offer a custom menu to its patrons, leveraging a hyper-local restaurant to cook and deliver the food. 2ndKitchen facilitates the partnership, including payment, fulfillment, and customer support.
But how is Nick building the team that’s building 2ndKitchen?
In this 20-minute conversation, he reveals the process he uses to find & assess talent. And how he learned to cook up a winning culture.

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