Recruit Rockstars 295: He Teaches Recruiters How To Recruit

David Patterson is known as ‘The SAP Recruiter.’ That’s The with a capital T.
That’s what he does. That’s all he does. And he’s exceptional at it.
As Founder & Managing Director of The Kineta Group, David’s cracked the code on how to entice the most-talented SAP developers to make a career move. He helps CIOs & IT heads build their teams. (And everything he’s learned is relevant if you’re hiring non-SAP tech folks too.)
Plus, he’s the most sought-after trainer in the recruitment world. He teaches other recruiters how to recruit – online & off.
So, imagine what he could teach you, in this 20-minute conversation.

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“Jeff has recruited Rockstars and built winning cultures for 25 years. Finally, he shows us how!” —Brad Feld, Managing Director, Foundry Group Venture Capital