Recruit Rockstars 299: How A Leading PE-Backed CEO Scaled His Team

Imagine running a company.
With employees who handle dangerous chemicals.
And being required to keep track of 15 million (!) different files to describe how to handle each chemical.
Sounds like an opportunity for SaaS to streamline things?
Glenn Trout is CEO of VelocityEHS, the leading SaaS platform serving the employee health & safety category. (He’s a fellow alum from Kellogg.)
EHS regulatory reporting requirements are rigorous. Glenn realized that tracking all this info with paper binders or home-grown Excel & Access databases wouldn’t work.
He now leads the biggest provider of on-demand EHS compliance solutions.
VelocityEHS is backed by CVC Growth Fund, the private equity firm with $1 billion in equity commitments.
In this 20-minute conversation, Glenn reveals how he’s created a magnetic culture & scaled the team.