Recruit Rockstars 303: How to Manage Hypergrowth (You should be so lucky.)

Here’s the CEO of one of the fastest-growing food companies I’ve ever seen!
Mike Pytlinski is CEO of Nutridried, makers of Moon Cheese. I love this snack! (And it’s super healthy.) You’ve likely seen it at checkout in every Starbucks.
I tracked down Mike to understand how he’s scaling the business & the team. He was well-prepared for this hypergrowth.
Prior to Moon Cheese, Mike was VP Marketing at Palermo’s Pizza, where he tripled the business.
He developed his CPG & leadership chops at Kraft Foods, and holds an MBA from Kellogg School.
In this 20-minute conversation, Mike shares his insights on recruiting, building a culture, and how to manage hypergrowth (a very high-class problem)

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