Recruit Rockstars 315: How to Hire in Silicon Valley (Ground Zero of The War for Talent)

How does a legendary Silicon Valley VC fund land the best talent?
I wanted to find out.
So I just met with Atli Thorkelsson. He’s Director of Executive Talent at Redpoint Ventures, with $4.8 Billion under management. Since 1999, they’ve invested in over 500 portfolio companies, leading to 150 IPO’s & acquisitions. Such as Netflix, Stripe, Twilio, and Zendesk.
Atli’s seen a huge impact on early-stage companies when the Founder spends sufficient time on hiring.
He manages Redpoint’s executive talent network. So, Alti works with founders to craft their leadership hiring strategy & introduces them to executive-level candidates.
Prior, he was an executive recruiter with SPMB, one of the world’s largest Technology & Energy search firms.
In this 20-minute conversation, Atli reveals how he’s winning the war for talent. (And how you can do the same.)

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