He’s Behind the eCommerce Brands You Love (Recruit Rockstars 451)

Whew! I finally finished paying off all my Amazon holiday gifts.

Guess I’m hooked on eCommerce.

Turns out I’m not alone.

And I have proof…

I just interviewed Dusty Holcomb. He’s CEO of fast-growing Red Stag Fulfillment.

Based in gorgeous Knoxville, Red Stag is the world-class order fulfillment company designed to unleash scalable growth for eCommerce companies.

In short, they do the picking, packing, storage, shipping, and returns for a ton of eCommerce companies (including the ones you used this past holiday)

And they’ve carved out a unique 3PL niche… Red Stag specializes in large, heavy, bulky products. Think expensive inventory, like those high-end office chairs.

With 1.1 Million feet of warehouse space in Knoxville & Salt Lake City, clearly Red Stag is onto something ‘big.’  They’re backed by leading Private Equity firm Mollenhour Gross.

Prior to his appointment, Dusty was with AAA for many years. He now leads over 500 full-time employees.

I wanted to find out how he’s scaling the company that scales other eCommerce companies.

In this 20-minute conversation, he reveals how to put a Rockstar in every seat.

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