Transitioning from VC to PE Backed (Recruit Rockstars 462)

There’s a SaaS platform for everything… And everyone.

Including SimpleLegal, the fast-growing SaaS platform for in-house counsels. It’s part of Onit, the leading provider of enterprise legal management & contract lifecycle management software, which is backed by the PE firm K1 Investment Management.

Mark Weidick is President & General Manager of SimpleLegal, and he has a unique perspective having joined when the business was VC-backed. Now that the company is PE-backed, it has a different pace, metrics, and cadence.

Prior, he was CEO with a number of Venture Capital backed companies and senior executive with Cisco.

In this 20-minute conversation, he reveals how he’s put a Rockstar in every seat. And how he evolved the culture from VC-backed to PE-backed.