Our Spiciest Episode Ever (Recruit Rockstars 450)

Sir Wellington? An amazing mustard, mushroom and shallot blend

Smashing Salmon? The mystical miso, soy and Shiitake blend

Vampire Killer? Garlic parmesan blend, of course.


Chip Overstreet is CEO of Spiceology, the nation’s fastest growing direct-to-consumer and direct-to-chef provider of innovative spices.

And apparently, investors are hungry for it.

Spiceology has raised capital from the likes of Jackson Square Ventures and Cowles Company.

Formerly, Chip was VP Business Development at Affirm, the fintech wonder.

But he packed up from Silicon Valley and moved to Spokane Washington, where he now leads Spiceology’s 150 employees.

In this 20-minute conversation, Chip reveals how he’s put a Rockstar in every seat. (And which yummy spices are coming next.)

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