Recruit Rockstars 381: Started 12 companies ➡️ Acquired 35 more

Start a company.
Raise funding.
Purchase an add-on company.
Go public or sell it.
These are no small feat.
But fruitless, unless you also build a Rockstar team.
That’s where Will Herman comes in. Along with Raj Bhargava, he’s co-author of the fabulous book “The Startup Playbook”
Collectively, Will & Raj have:
…Started 12 software companies
…Raised over $500M from investors
…Acquired 35 companies
…Taken 3 companies public
…Sold 6 companies
…And made Billions for their investors
Will knows that the people part of a Startup is everything. And in this 20-minute conversation, he shares how he successfully scales the team.

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