Strong Suit 031 She Knows Why Your Best People Will Leave

If you think that creating a healthy culture means buying a ping-pong table, you’ve got to catch this short interview.
I interview Anne Nimke, who runs a fascinating company called The Good Jobs. TGJ advises companies on how to create a magnetic culture & environment that will attract & keep outstanding talent. Anne’s seen the mistakes that so many leaders make. This interview will help you avoid them.
She reveals: How to articulate your mission & get everyone aligned around it / How transparent to be with your team / Designing an environment that lets people do their best work / Developing healthy communication (even when its bad news) / How the best companies create a culture that people never want to leave.
We spend so much time, energy, and money recruiting people. But it’s all for nothing if the best people don’€™t stay. This interview will show you how to make sure they do.