Strong Suit 037 How a Silicon Valley Rockstar Hires Rockstars

Doug Galen is a Silicon Valley Rockstar with a pattern of a success.
He’s added hundreds of millions of revenue at eBay, eLoan, Shutterfly, and Shopkick. He’s built new divisions & partnerships to grow the business by 10x. And he does it primarily by investing his time with people – recruiting, leadership, and building culture.
Now, he’s CEO of RippleWorks, a fascinating new business that is “Doctor Without Borders for Techies.” They allow tech experts to apply their talents around the world on mission-driven challenges. He also teaches 2nd-year MBA students at Stanford Business School.
In this 20-minute interview, Doug reveals: The biggest interviewing mistakes to avoid / How to define your company’s culture in 30 minutes / How to identify Rockstar candidates / And a lot more.