Strong Suit 041 From Startup CEO to VC to Kellogg MBA Professor

There’s possibly nobody more qualified to talk about how an Entrepreneur should lead their Startup…
Carter Cast rocketed through the ranks at PepsiCo, before being named as CEO of After stints at Startups Blue Nile & Hayneedle, he joined Pritzker Group Venture Capital.
And if that’s not enough, he teaches leadership & venture formation at Kellogg Business School.
Whew. In this 20-minute interview, Carter reveals: The biggest leadership mistakes made by entrepreneurs / What to do when it’s time to hire & fire at your Startup / How to be open to input, while remaining true to your vision / What VC’s really look for in entrepreneurs / How open should you be with your team with bad news? / How he almost got axed at PepsiCo.

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