Strong Suit 078 They Got You Here. Will They Get You There?

As your growth company scales, you’ve got to take an honest look at your talent pool & decide whether your current folks are the right ones to get you where you want to go. Sometimes yes. Sometimes no.
My guest today is Mattie Isaac, who has played an instrumental role in two hypergrowth companies. Currently, she is Director of Human Resources with Trunk Club (acquired recently by Nordstrom), where she has overseen the growth from 300 people to 1,300. Previously, she built the H.R. function from the ground up at Braintree, before it was acquired by PayPal for $800M.
In this 15-minute interview, Mattie reveals: How to handle recruiting experts from outside without demotivating the current team / How to know if your current team is ready for the road ahead /  And how to exit folks that can’t make it.

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