Strong Suit 106: Why Does Your Business Even Exist?

The French call it Raison D’être. Every company – raw startup or Fortune 100 – must figure out its ‘reason for being’
This isn’t just mission, vision, values. It’s the whole enchilada – WHY are we doing this?
If you get this wrong – or don’t have one at all – good luck recovering. Because you’ll never be able to build an energized team of Rockstars.
Mert Iseri is CEO & Co-Founder of SwipeSense, a VC-funded company. His company has a HUGE mission: To eradicate medical errors & infections in hospitals. This would save countless lives every year.
In this 20-minute interview, Mert reveals how he & his team crafted this Raison D’être. And how they operationalized it.
Dream big. Mert is.