Strong Suit 141: The Disturbing Reason that 71% of Your Employees Aren't Engaged

If you’re a raving fan of the Podcast — and let’s be honest, who’s not? — you know that we spend alot of time learning how to recruit Rockstars from experts.
But what good is it to choose carefully, pay competitive compensation, and then not captivate the hearts & minds of the people you’ve worked so hard to attract? Most employees have ‘checked out’
My guest today is Jason Lauritsen. He’s been described as a “workplace evangelist.” He believes to his core that work must be a rewarding and fulfilling experience for every employee.
He’s dissected employee engagement. He speaks globally about it. He’s written the book “Social Gravity” all about it.
And Jason’s identified the ONE thing that you can do to 10x your employee engagement. Most managers just don’t do it — sad, but true. In this 20-minute interview, you’ll learn how to avoid their mistake.

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