Strong Suit 146: Will Digital Transformation Drive Your Employees Batty?

If you’re like most executives, you spend a good portion of your time figuring out which of your company’s manual processes can be automated & digitized. It’s the new normal.
But, have you stopped to think about how the change will impact your people?
My guest today, Anthony Onesto, is a guru of digital transformation. He’s General Manager for Konrad Group, a global innovation company. And before that, he was the first head of human resources for FreshDirect, which he took from 30 employees to 2,000 in just 5 years.
So, he understands the impact of this digitization on your people.
In this 20-minute interview, Anthony reveals how to get your arms around it, the best practices for prioritizing the changes, how to get your team onboard — or how to lose them if you don’t.
If you plan to be around in 2025, you can’t afford to miss this interview.