Strong Suit 148: A 20-Minute Gift for Our Loyal Listeners

I’ve got something really special for you today.
Regular listeners know that Strong Suit Podcast focuses on the “people part” of your business. Hiring, Firing, the whole enchilada.
But today is a packed episode just about You. You as an individual, as an executive, as a future CEO perhaps.
In this rare episode, I flip things upside-down by enlisting one of the nation’s foremost experts on career management for executives.
Kevin Kermes is Founder and Partner at Career Attraction, based in sunny St. Petersburg. Forbes ranks it as one of the top career websites.
Most career and job advice is just plain wrong. You’d be floored by what I see from some candidates. What I like about Kevin is that he’s super-practical. He provides unconventional career advice to high-performing professionals.
Next episode, we’ll get back to building your company.  But today, Invest 20 minutes with us to advance your career.

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