Strong Suit 149: She Used Data to Nail the 7 Essential Hiring Predictors

Regular listeners know that I’m on a mission to find ways to better predict how a candidate will actually do on the job.
Today’s guest has built a company that shares this mission.
Kristen Hamilton is CEO of Koru, based in Seattle. Following a successful career at Microsoft, she turned her focus to finding the crucial predictors.
And she’s identified the 7 things we must look for when vetting candidates.
Stop focusing on things that aren’t predictive. Which college, GPA, firm handshake, industry experience? Nope.
In this 20-minute episode, Kristen reveals how she cracked the code and how to ask the right questions so that you can assess candidates more accurately.
If you’d like to hire more accurately and avoid bad hires, you can’t afford to miss this episode.

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