Strong Suit 163: How Many Candidates Should You Interview Before Deciding?

2? 5? 13?
I’ve long thought about what is the optimal number of candidates to interview for a position. Before choosing, how do I know I’ve seen enough? The right one?
I like choice. We all do. We want to feel like our options are limitless.
But there’s a role to fill. And time isn’t on our side. So what’s the right number?
I went in search of the answer.
And I came up with Josh Narva, Global Head of Talent, from the amazing company Sonos. I worship their products … smart speakers installed in my home (and yours?)
Josh has been at this recruiting game for a long time. And he’s developed a surprising point of view on the question of “How Many?” His answer will shock you.
In this 20-minute conversation, we talk about how many candidates to interview, how long a search should really take, and what homework you’ve got to do upfront when hiring.