Strong Suit 167: 200K babysitters + 300K parents + $40M venture capital = 1 Rockstar CEO

I’ve known Lynn Perkins for 20 years & she’s the real thing.
7 years ago, out of personal need (yet another babysitter canceled for her baby twins), she created UrbanSitter.
It’s the San Francisco-based online service & mobile app that allows parents to search for, book, pay, review, and recommend babysitters & nannies.
Fast forward to today. She’s successfully built a robust 2-sided model … with sitters on one side and parents on the other.
But how did she do it?
How do you recruit Rockstar talent when they’re not employees? How do you build a healthy culture that pervades both sides of the marketplace? And how do you land the early believers when the business model is still just a concept?
In this 20-minute discussion, Lynn reveals the secrets of how she pulled it off.
By the end, I’m sure you’ll agree she is the epitome of a Rockstar.